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Supercharge Your Parenting Skills

Supercharge Your Parenting Skills

We know you are the expert. We want to give you some practical tools to help you feel in control again.

Parent training is designed to help parents acquire and enhance parenting skills to better support their child's development and well-being.

There are many benefits, but here are 5 reasons why parent training is a great idea:

  1. Improved parenting skills: You are already amazing, but we can all do with a little bit of support along the way. Parent training provides parents with practical tools and strategies to effectively manage their child's behavior, communicate more effectively, set appropriate boundaries, and promote positive discipline.

  2. Enhanced child behavior: By learning effective parenting techniques, parents can better manage and reduce challenging behaviors in their children, resulting in improved child behavior and reduced stress for both the child and the parent.

  3. Strengthened parent-child relationship: Parent training programs often emphasize positive parent-child interactions, such as bonding, nurturing, and effective communication.

  4. Increased parental confidence and satisfaction: Parent training can boost parents' confidence in their parenting abilities and increase their overall satisfaction with their parenting role.

  5. Long-term positive outcomes: Research has shown that parent training programs can have lasting positive effects on both parent and child outcomes. Children who have parents who have participated in parent training programs tend to exhibit better behavioral, emotional, and social outcomes, while parents report increased satisfaction and confidence in their parenting skills.

Parent training can support you on your parenting journey. You can be equipped to be a wonderful parent while also learning practical strategies to find the joy in parenting!


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Our video guides are created by experts in the field of neurodiversity and include parent-led strategies that improve communication skills, coping skills, independence, challenging behaviors, and many more.

Supercharge Your Parenting Skills

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At Tracto, we combine AI-driven technology and self-guided therapy to equip parents with personalized coping and parenting skills. We have a growing library of short and scenario-based video guides (new video guides are added weekly) from which parents can watch in between their busy days.


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