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The reality many parents face today

The impact of children's mental health challenges on working parents

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Have their work interrupted


Find the stresses at work much harder to handle


Feel like the quality of their work is affected negatively


Even before COVID-19, CDC data showed that 1 in 5 children were living with a mental health condition. The issue has become so prevalent that the American Academy of Pediatrics declared a state of emergency in child and adolescent mental health.

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Helping parents support their children through emotional and behavioral challenges increases employee retention, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Empowering working parents

88% of working parents are interested in educational resources on children’s mental health offered through their workplace

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Endorsed by more than 2500 families

"I've learned that it is essential to take care of my own well-being in order to support and assist my child."



Contac Fom

Tracto combines AI and self-guided therapy to help parents support their children through emotional and behavioral challenges.

Our unique technology-driven approach is based on the latest scientific research and our clinical team’s more than 28 years of experience supporting parents of children with emotional or behavioral challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, or autism.

Helping employers create an inclusive workplace where parents feel supported

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Track a child's progress, behavior, sleep, & schedule over time.

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Take the time to reflect on your family's journey.

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Personalized, self-guided strategies from clinical experts.


Empowering working parents is good for business


Employee retention


Employee productivity


Employee satisfaction

In this groundbreaking study, parents reported that educational resources as a caregiver benefit would result in increased employee retention, productivity and job satisfaction.

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