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Why try Tracto?

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Personalized video guides by parenting experts you can start applying today

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Tracking and reporting tools that help you advocate for your family

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Intuitive medication and routine reminders

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Parent support and community


Meet our experts
in the field of family mental well-being 

Nanette Botha (B.Ed Cum Laude), is the Head of Parent Coaching and our course creator. She has spent 13+ years working in education, specializing in children with emotional or behavioral challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, or autism. Her focus at Tracto is to equip parents with knowledge and practical tools to better understand and support their children who might exhibit challenging behaviors. Nanette is also the mother of 3 young, very busy children.

Karla Pretorius (MA Psychology) is a Research Psychologist and our Chief Clinical Officer with over 15 years of experience working with children and families struggling with emotional or behavioral challenges. She co-founded AIMS Global with colleague Nanette Botha, and the pair have presented in many countries, including Denmark, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, and the US, advocating for autism awareness, acceptance, and understanding. Karla has contributed articles to Autism Parenting Magazine, Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine, SEN Magazine, Verywell, and Moshi

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Access on-demand video guides by clinical experts that are tailored to your family's unique needs. Typically under 5 minutes, our scenario-based video guides are designed to fit into your busy life.

Our unique approach is based on the latest scientific research and our clinical team’s more than 28 years of supporting parents of children with behavioral challenges related to ADHD, autism, anxiety, or depression.

Learn personalized
parenting skills


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Endorsed by more than 2600 families

"I've learned that it is essential to take care of my own well-being in order to support and assist my child."



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With our community feature, you are able to find other parents on similar journeys. You can choose to share or ask questions to your community - or just observe and learn :)


Register to get early bird access to our next community session.


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Be supported, learn from experts and other parents

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Support your child through emotional and behavioral challenges

On-demand tools and resources for parents and caregivers of children with challenges related to ADHD, autism, anxiety, or depression

Keep the family organized by scheduling reminders for routines such as bedtimes, mealtimes, medication, playtime etc.

Stay organized


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Easily track your child's mood, sleep, stress, and other behaviors over time to help you advocate for your child's needs when engaging with care providers and teachers.

Tracto also allows you to invite other caregivers to collaboratively track behaviors and emotions.

Advocate for your child


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