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Collaboratively track your child's ongoing progress, behaviors & side-effects to gain a better understanding of what is working - and what's not.


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Stay on track

Stay on track of medication, appointments and activities by configuring intuitive reminders.

Empowered Parents. Thriving Children.

Helping children thrive on their ADHD and/or autism care journeys by empowering parents

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Empowered Parents.
Thriving Children.

Parents play a vital role in their child's autism (ASD) or ADHD care journey.

We've made it our mission to empower parents. 

Tracto simplifies caregiving and provides personalized parent support.
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Support care decision-making by being better prepared for your child's consultations and sharing holistic care progress reports with clinicians & therapists.


"The courses were very insightful - not only to assist my child but even for my own health and wellness."



Over 1100 parents already use Tracto

Partners & Affiliates

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Learn practical strategies from experts on how to connect with and support your child (as well as your own well-being) by enrolling in recommended online autism & ADHD parenting courses. Tracto personalizes recommendations based on your and your child's unique needs.


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Invite teachers & other caregivers to your team to get an understanding of your child's progress in various environments and at different times of the day.





2 child profiles

6 team members p/child

Unlimited care history

Text-only journal entries

Basic reporting




5 child profiles

12 team members p/child

Unlimited care history

Add text, voice notes, photos, videos and documents to journal entries

Advanced reporting

Plans and pricing