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Why try Tracto?

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Upskill your parenting with our video guides

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Expert-designed behavior tracking and reporting tools

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Less stress with medication and routine reminders

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Parent support and community


Designed by experts
in the field of family
mental wellbeing 

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Parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, autism or mental health conditions experience higher levels of stress, depression and anxiety. Studies have shown that a major cause of parental stress is children exhibiting challenging behavior.

Our clinical experts have worked with neurodivergent and other families for more than 28 years. Our content has been designed to be practical and easy to digest, so you can address problems effectively as they arise.

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Truly take care of yourself and your child by being informed, empowered and supported.

Tips and tools to help your family

New videos released every week

Learn to understand, support and connect with your child with our bite-sized and practical strategies by experts in the field of neurodiversity.

Journaling, tracking & sharing

Add journal entries to capture important moments, keep track of your child's behavioral changes, and share data with loved ones, teachers and clinicians.

Medication & routine reminders

Keep the family organized by scheduling reminders for bedtimes, mealtimes, medication, playtime etc.

Endorsed by more than 2200 parents

"I've learned that it is essential to take care of my own well-being in order to support and assist my child."



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Our community of parents and professionals bring like-minded people together, so that they can share issues, learn from each other, and be supported.

Learn from others, get support

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Tap into our growing library of video content

Short, practical tips based on Behavior Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Mindfulness

Let's talk meltdowns and tantrums

We all have those moments where we feel no one is listening, things are out of hand, and we need to raise our voice to be heard (by our children).

Creating a supportive bedtime routine

All parents want a good night's rest for their child (and themselves).

A successful trip to the grocery store

We all want to ensure our child is regulated on an outing to the grocery store. We also want to ensure that we get all our tasks done in one day.

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Take the stress
out of parenting
kids diagnosed with

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