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Why Join

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Expert-led: All our Community Sessions are run by an expert in the field, and of course a group of REAL experts - parents! 

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Safe and Secure: all our sessions are confidential and you are not required to share stories if you only want to listen and learn from parents and experts.

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Practical Support: we share ideas that you can implement right from today, that will make a positive difference in your home.

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A Safe Space: where you can share and feel heard, understood and your emotions validated. 

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FREE: you really have nothing to lose - it is completely free, but there are limited spaces!

With our FREE community sessions, you are able to find other parents on similar journeys. You can choose to share or ask questions to your community - or just observe and learn :)

Studies have shown that Group-based parenting programs are effective in improving the overall psychosocial health of parents and the emotional and behavioral challenges of children as a result of more informed parenting skills.

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Be supported, learn from experts and other parents

Connecting Parents

We know how important it is to feel connected to a community of like-minded parents - people who are walking similar paths to you. 
That’s why we provide these community resources:
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Join our free Whatsapp Community

Where we share freebies, practical support for strategies for the home environment and where you can ask any questions you might have to other parents and experts in the safe and secure group.

Join via our Whatsapp Community link or scan the QR code on the right.

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Activity Maps

This free downloadable PDF contains several Activity Maps and printable resources to support you in implementing learning strategies and activities at home.

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