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Supporting care decision-making and parent collaboration


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Support care decision-making

Gain insights into patients' behaviors, signs, side-effects and adherence in different environments.

Reduce time collecting data

Tracto standardizes and organizes digitally collected parent & teacher rating scales or assessments.

Support collaboration

Tracto helps to keep the entire care team on the same page by providing everyone with an integrated view of care progress.

Privacy & security

Keep your patient's care history safe and secure. Tracto is HIPAA, GDPR &  POPIA compliant.

Tools to support your practice and patients

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Encourage parent collaboration in your practice 

Download the Parent Printout with an easy install QR code, or send an enquiry and we'll get in touch with more info.

What other clinicians say about Tracto

Ben Truter

PhD candidate, Clinical Psychologist, Head of The Neurodiversity Centre

"Tracto is an innovative and accessible means for parents to support their child - with tracking, guiding and learning about their child. I really admire this free and easy-to-use app"

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