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Encouraging Connection and Joy with our Kids Through Guided Meditation

Encouraging Connection and Joy with our Kids

We’ve all heard of the importance of “me time,” but that phrase can often seem more geared toward adults. However, carving out moments of connection and joy is just as important for our children, especially as they navigate a world where screens, school work, and extracurriculars can consume their attention.

While providing entertainment and activities can be great for our kids, that’s not enough. Taking a few minutes to help your child explore the joy in their life is what can really make a difference. One way to do this is through meditation. Setting aside 10-15 minutes for guided meditation or other mindful practices can help your child ground themselves in the present moment, allowing them to be more attentive for the day ahead. All you need to get started is a quiet room and a comfortable spot to meditate.

These practices can be especially beneficial for our little ones who are feeling overwhelmed or anxious. By taking a few minutes each day to focus on deep breathing and bring awareness to their thoughts and emotions, our kids can learn how to cope better with stressful moments rather than turning to their screens for comfort.

Joy is essential for our youth, and finding time for moments of mindful connection can help our children cultivate a sense of appreciation and wellbeing. An open and honest relationship between you and your child is essential for feeling safe and secure in moments of joy. Ask your child what they think brings them happiness, and together come up with moments of connection to explore — whether it’s a video chat with a family member or baking a batch of cupcakes.

Through these shared experiences of joy, we can teach our kids how to self-soothe and cope with stressful and overwhelming situations. Moments of connection and joy can make a positive difference in your child’s life — make sure to take a few minutes to help your child with this special moment.


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Encouraging Connection and Joy with our Kids

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