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Cultivating Gratitude in Our Kids Through Guided Meditation

Cultivating gratitude in our kids

Showing our children how to recognize and appreciate the positive things in life have profound effects on their attitudes and behaviors. When it comes to teaching our kids gratitude, guided meditation is an incredibly powerful tool.

Through guided meditation, kids can take some time out of their day to be fully present, to focus on the good, and to appreciate what they have. It also encourages them to become mindful of the things they have which can help them become more open to more meaningful connections with everyone around them.

This week's guided meditation video from Moshi is the perfect way to start your child's gratitude practice. It delivers:

  • An uplifting session that allows children to take a moment of pause and appreciate the simple things in life.

  • A calming experience as it guides children to recognize and name the things they are thankful for.

  • An opportunity for children to create positive associations to their everyday lives.


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Cultivating gratitude in our kids

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Practice makes progress! Set a reminder on Tracto to help you make sure that you are practicing meditation with your child on a regular basis. You can also do a quick journal entry to jot down how your child is feeling after doing the meditation and even add a photo if you like!


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