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Why your child needs a calm corner (chill space) at home

What is a chill space and why does your child need one?

Every single person needs time to unwind and just chill, a place where they can get the input (or outlet) that they need and where there are no instructions or expectations to adhere to…at least for some time.

For some of us, that may be going for a run, putting our feet up and having a cup of tea, having coffee with a friend or your partner, or listening to music on the way home from work. All of these things provide some sort of support or sensory input that we need and that helps us to cope.

That is exactly what it is like for our kids.

They go to school or spend time at home and there are expectations to meet, questions to answer, and rules to try and follow. Even though it may seem to us like young kids can play all day, for many of our children it is extremely challenging to cope with everyday life and everything that goes with it.

They too, need time and space to unwind and to help them stay regulated. But how to go about doing that, will look slightly different for each child.

In this week's video guide, I unpack more reasons why a chill space is so important for both us and our children.


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I'm certain that after watching this video, we will all see the benefit of our kids having a chill space at home. Be sure to also watch the video on how to set up this chill space at home - it could be quick and easy!

So, now that your child has found a space where they love to spend time, and you know they are safe, this is the perfect time for you to have a few moments to relax. The chores can wait, and responsibilities can wait - the next 5 minutes is for you to relax, breathe, and just be. Go ahead; you deserve it!


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