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When is it okay to yell at your kids?

We all have those moments where we feel no one is listening, things are out of hand, and we need to raise our voices to be heard (by our children).

I’m sure we have all done it, perhaps we do it more often than we would like to. Sometimes it just happens without us even planning to do it…we yell at our kids.

When do we yell at our kids?

  1. When they are shouting, screaming, or hitting us, themselves, or their sibling?

  2. When they are being too loud?

  3. When they don’t listen?

And what is the effect if we yell in these situations?

  1. They usually shout louder, perhaps they will stop for a second if our yell was particularly impressive :)

  2. They become more overwhelmed (and challenging behavior then escalates)

  3. They still don’t listen

So, looking at these scenarios, yelling at our kids doesn’t actually work for them, and can leave us miserable too, especially after a long day. Remember that you cannot support your child if you are completely out of control.

In this week's video guide, we discuss some ways in which you (as a parent) can process your frustration in a healthy way so that you can remain in control even during those overwhelming moments - which means showing up as the best parent you can be.


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