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Jump-Start Your Child's Day with a Guided Meditation

Jump-Start Your Child's Day with a Guided Meditation

Starting the day with a guided meditation can be an amazing way to kick off your child’s morning. This short and simple practice of mindfulness can work wonders for the rest of their day. How? Firstly, it’s designed to awaken both their mind and body with a few invigorating breathing exercises, happy thoughts and energizing stretching.

Mindful breathing helps to bring awareness to the present moment and encourages children to observe their body as they are inhaling and exhaling. This can help to create a sense of calm and relaxation.

Fostering positive thoughts and feelings is also equally important. Typically, when kids wake up in the morning, they may be feeling a bit groggy and uncertain about the day ahead, however, it is important to start their day in a positive way. This exercise can help to give children the confidence to take on their day.

Energizing stretching could include a combination of dynamic stretching, yoga poses and some warmup stretches which will help to stimulate their body and mind. This awareness helps children compare physical movements with their corresponding emotions. By practicing stretching and guided meditation in tandem, children can create a greater level of self-awareness.

Start your child’s mindfulness journey today and see the positive difference it can bring.


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Jump-Start Your Child's Day with a Guided Meditation

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Practice makes progress! Set a reminder on Tracto to help you make sure that you are practicing meditation with your child on a regular basis. You can also do a quick journal entry to jot down how your child is feeling after doing the meditation and even add a photo if you like!


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