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Guiding Kids in Developing Empathy and Self-Awareness

Guiding Kids in Developing Empathy and Self-Awareness

When it comes to cultivating empathy in our children, it is important to lead by example. We can help our children understand how to relate to other people’s emotions and needs by teaching them empathy through meditation.

When our children are familiar with their own feelings, they can then start exploring how those same emotions show up in others. This is especially important as they grow into adulthood.

This weeks video guide is an excellent starting point to teach our children empathy. The meditation video will help:

  1. Explain the concept of empathy including the idea of “walking in someone else’s shoes” and how helpful it can be to understand someone else’s experience and emphasizing how it can help them better communicate, connect with others, express their thoughts, and express their feelings.

  2. Provide guided visualizations and reflections that can help children create mental images that assist with calming and relaxation and cultivate a sense of openness and understanding.

The ultimate goal of meditation in teaching empathy is to cultivate a mindful attitude that allows our children to express compassion towards others and approach difficult interchanges without becoming overwhelmed.


Featured video guide

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Our video guides are created by experts in the field of neurodiversity and include parent-led strategies that improve communication skills, coping skills, independence, challenging behaviors, and many more.

Guiding Kids in Developing Empathy and Self-Awareness

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Set a reminder on Tracto to ensure that you and your child don't miss your meditation practice. Make use of the journal feature to quickly record your child's feelings after a session and consider adding a picture if applicable. This can provide a great way to monitor how your child is reacting to the activity and their progress.


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