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3 Simple therapy ideas for the home

Simple things in the home environment can help our kids to cope better.

To our children, our home is a place where they feel safest and have total freedom to relax and be themselves. After a long day of suppressing all the moments that the lights were a bit too bright at school, or the therapist was a bit too loud, returning to a space that is safe, comfortable, and familiar, is very important. And this is true for us as parents too.

With a few adaptations, we can ensure our home becomes a haven for us as well as our children. Here are 3 tips for you to help your child be as calm as your soon-to-be calmer home:

1. Cool and calm down corner - I highly recommend creating a sensory corner at home where you include some safe-to-use toys and a few soft pillows and blankets.

2. Countdowns instead of meltdowns - before you stop a favorite activity or start one that might elicit some excitement, give your child a simple countdown strategy, such as “5 more minutes before we get ready for bed”.

3. Schedule it! I can not state how important a visual schedule of daily and weekly activities is for our children, but also, for us all.

Check out this week's video guide, for many more tips for the home environment.


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Simple therapy ideas for the home

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Even though these strategies will support your child (and the whole family), it may take some time to get used to. Don't worry if that is the case; give it time. If you track your child's behavior on Tracto or make notes in the journal of how your child responds to the strategies, it will be great to look back after a while and see how far they have come!


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