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Helping children thrive on their ADHD and/or autism care journeys by empowering parents

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We know how overwhelming a parent's journey can be when a child is diagnosed with autism (ASD) or ADHD.

With Tracto you can breathe a sigh of relief with our growing library of video guides by experts in the field of neurodiversity, journaling tools and routine reminders, so you can be fully supported as you help your child thrive.

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"The courses were very insightful - not only to assist my child but even for my own health and wellness."



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Short Video Guides

Learn to understand, support and connect with your child with our bite-sized and practical strategies by experts in the field of neurodiversity.

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Add journal entries to capture important moments, keep track of your child's behavioral changes, and share data with loved ones, teachers and clinicians.

Tracking & Sharing

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Keep the family organized by scheduling reminders for bedtimes, mealtimes, medication, playtime etc.

Routine Reminders

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Practical tips for parents

We know how busy life can get. Our video guides are extra short and provide practical advice on how to improve your child's communication skills, social skills, challenging behaviors, sensory difficulties and executive functioning, and your own well-being.




• Access to free video guides

• Text-only journal entries

• Basic reporting and behavior       tracking tools





• Unlimited access to

   all video guides

• Add voice notes, photos and       documents to journal entries

• Advanced reporting and               behavior tracking tools



We'e got you

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