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When I ask a question and my child doesn't respond

Sometimes we can see our kids didn't even hear the question, while other times, it almost feels as if they are deliberately ignoring you...

There are many things to do with parenthood that can be frustrating, but when you ask your child a question, and they just don't respond (even if you know they are well able to communicate and express themselves), that must be close to the top on the list of frustrations!

There are different reasons kids do this - and many of them are not things they do deliberately. However, what can we do to help them respond when they are being spoken to and also save our frustration at the same time?

1. Make sure you have their attention before you ask the question - try calling out their name, and if this doesn't work, a gentle touch on their arm to draw their attention to the fact that you are speaking to them.

2. Give them time without interrupting them - most people want some time on their own without being interrupted.

3. Help them figure out how they can respond - sometimes our kids don’t necessarily know how to respond, and it could be worse when they feel nervous or think they are in trouble.

Remember we are all human and it’s not going to work every single time! In this week's video guide, we go into more detail on these points above. See you there!


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It'll be okay. Perhaps today was tough and perhaps it feels like they didn't respond to one question or instruction when you so desperately needed them to! Take some time for yourself. Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and put your feet up for a few minutes. Tomorrow is a new day.


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