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Bite-sized video guides with practical parenting strategies to support neurodivergent children

Access to trusted, affordable, and relatable information that supports parents at home. This is one of the biggest needs highlighted by parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, or related conditions.

Our team of experts in the field of neurodivergence has created over 25 short (ranging from under 3 minutes to 10 minutes in length) and practical video guides. The topics range from very situational, e.g. going to the grocery store, to more extensive, such as understanding what the difference is between meltdowns and tantrums.

In-app Video Guides

This new release of Tracto now makes these video guides available directly in the app. You will be able to access free video guides, and with a monthly subscription (only $9,99) get unlimited access to our continuously updated library.

Update to the latest version of Tracto to explore our full range of video guides on autism, ADHD, communication, coping skills, challenging behaviors, sensory difficulties, independence, executive functioning, and more.

It is possible to filter the guides according to the main categories applicable to a guide. Use the filter selection widget at the top of the `Explore` view.

Get a taste

Visit the Tracto website for a sample of the video guides.

You can also filter for Free guides in the Tracto app's Explore view.

Care Progress

To make room for the Explore view in the app's navigation bar, we revamped the editing of care plans.

There is now a single Care Tracking tab, and the editing of concerns is now done directly from the Concerns tracking view. Similarly, medication and activity routines can be edited from the relevant calendar view.

We are very excited about this new version, and we believe the video guides will equip and support you as a parent or caregiver - ultimately helping children and families thrive.

We are already working hard on additional video guides, in order to release new guides every month. Let us know if you are looking for guides on specific topics that we do not yet cover.


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