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How to give kids enough physical exercise

We know kids need physical exercise, but how do we go about actually getting them to do it?

It’s obvious that physical exercise is good for our bodies - it strengthens bones and muscles, improves coordination and posture, and develops gross motor skills (and many other things of course). But that’s not all - being active is also good for our children’s mental health and well-being.

It serves as an outlet for built-up energy, it gives freedom to move without being confined to a smaller space (like a bedroom or classroom) and it’s really a way of releasing stress. If a child gets enough physical activity, it could even support them in staying regulated.

All right, if you have a kid who loves running and jumping around and one of their favorite things is to play sports and outside games, this is easy! The only thing we really need to do then is to provide time for our child to do this.

However, if your child is not interested in physical activity at all, that is a completely different ball game. In this week's video guide, I tackle the issue head-on by showing how motivation and expectations are the key factors when trying to get our children to do exercise - with some examples you can apply in your own life.


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Sometimes including children in the planning process can make them feel more motivated. Create an exercise schedule with your child, and stick it up for the whole family to see. Double it up with reminders in the Tracto app so you don't forget.


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