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Group Coaching - Intro Video
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  • Where and how do we start to increase independence in our child, regardless of their age?

  • What if my child wants me to do everything?

  • Independent work vs. independent play - what is the difference and how can I support my child in being successful with both?

  • How to create boundaries through freedom. Yes, you heard right - it is actually necessary to teach our kids about boundaries by giving them some freedom.

  • What if my child is too independent?

What topics will be covered in the program?

If you’re selected to participate in the program, you’ll get the entire 8-week program for only $8 p/week - $64 in total.


The aim of the program is to get feedback from parents and learn how we can improve our coaching approach before officially launching.

1 hour online sessions | over 8 weeks | 50 parents

Can I afford this?

If you’re a parent based in the USA or South Africa who cares for a child (1-14 y/o) diagnosed with ADHD and/or autism and want practical tips & strategies from expert parent coaches on how to raise an independent child, as well as connect with other parents who share your experiences - this program is for you!

Who is the program tailored for?

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Who will be guiding me through this?

Karla Pretorius

Parent Coach

Karla is a clinical coach (MA Psychology) with 15+ years of experience in working with neurodivergent individuals and their families. She's the Co-Founder of AIMS Global, a registered counselor for Plumm Health, and a contributor for Autism Parenting Magazine and Moshi.

Nanette Botha

Parent Coach

Nanette has 13+ years of experience in education (B.Ed Cum Laude), specializing in the field of neurodiversity (autism, ADHD, SPD and related conditions). She's the Co-Founder of AIMS Global, a parent coach & course creator, and a mother of 3 young children.

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Download Free Activity

Get a FREE Activity Map!


Cultivating independence in your child can also be fun.

As part of our group parent coaching program you'll get access to curated Activity Maps. Each Activity Map provides an activity you and your child can do together that cultivates independence - and have some fun in the process. 

Download your first Activity Map - for FREE!

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My independent child

Meet like-minded parents of children diagnosed with Autism and/or ADHD, share experiences and challenges, and work with specialized coaches with more than 20 years experience in the field of neurodiversity. Walk away with empowering tools and practical strategies to help your child - and your home - thrive.

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8 x 1-hour weekly sessions
Feb 2023

"Being in a group with moms who have either gone through what you are experiencing or going through it at the same time is so empowering."



Apply now

Are you ready to join like-minded parents and learn practical strategies to help your child thrive? Apply before 29 Jan 2023 or email us at with any questions.

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