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Shelanti Private School

Shelanti’s vision is to provide learners with the opportunity to acquire the appropriate life skills so that they may become assertive, responsible and accountable members of society.

Schools & teachers already using Tracto

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We work with leading inclusive schools to help educators understand each child's unique educational needs and promote collaboration between parents, educators and clinicians.

Understand student needs

Easily track behaviors, signs, and side-effects over time to gain insights into what is working - and what's not.

Improve collaboration

Confidentially share important moments or milestones by sharing texts, images, voice notes, images, reports, or videos with parents.

Digitised assessments

Easily complete clinical teacher assessments* which is instantly made available to parents & clinicians.

* We are continuously expanding our supported assessments.

It's Free

Tracto is a free mobile app. Recommend Tracto to parents and other teachers in your student's care team.

Save time

All student information is securely stored in a single place and can be instantly shared with parents, educators or clinicians. 

Privacy & security

Keep your & your student's care history safe and secure. Tracto is HIPAA, GDPR &  POPIA compliant.

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Encourage parent collaboration at school 

Send an enquiry and we'll get in touch with more info.

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