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📣 Tracto update available (v1.2.10)

Version 1.2.10

What's new?

The update includes enhancements to the exportable PDF report, getting rid of gremlins and improving your overall Tracto experience.


PDF report enhancements

1. Simplified reporting period and event selection

We simplified reporting period and event type selection by adding a new step when selecting share in the Progress view.

2. Improved interpretability of care history

The reported concern, adherence and event history is now based on your selected 6 week period. This will make it easier for you or care providers to investigate your child's care progress for the selected period.

3. Improved interpretability of concern trends

To support interpretation of reported concern trends, we've added bars to indicate when a care team member has submitted a response.

4. Updated the exported PDF report file name

We've made it easier for you or your care provider to identify what the shared file contains (and it's sensitivity) and to whose care history is enclosed.

Refreshing your Tracto experience

1. Updated the concern icons and graph colours to our official Tracto look and feel

We hope you enjoy the updates and that it adds some fun on your care journey. Let us know what you think :)

2. Improved Home screen experience

We also did some technical magic (🪄 ) to improve your Home screen experience.


A big thanks

Thank you to all our parents and teachers who are providing amazing feedback on what works well, but also what does not work so well. Your feedback helps us to continuously improve Tracto to be even more useful to you and other care teams around the globe.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions, gremlin (👹) sightings and feature suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.

To install this update, follow the links from our install page.


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