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📣 Update available | Sharing is caring (v1.2.4)

Teamwork makes the dream work

Collaboration between parents, teachers and other caregivers is critical in supporting a child in their mental health care journey. We've revamped Tracto's Journal functionality to help parents and other care team members work better together.

Sharing is caring

You are now able to choose wether you want to keep your journal entry private (only you can view the entry), share it with parents (only you and parents can view the entry), or share it with the whole care team (everyone on a child's care team can view the entry).

Parents can now use journals to share important information with teachers, or teachers can use it to share notes with parents. Private journal entries can be used by care team members to note their observations and thoughts before sharing it with other team members.

Know when a journal entry has been shared with you

And on top of this, when sharing a journal entry the relevant care team members will be notified.

Editing journal entries

It is now also possible to edit the content and visibility of historic journal entries (at least those that you authored) from the Progress view.

This is just one more way in which Tracto helps a care team around a child to improve collaboration and sharing of important information.

Refreshing things

Renaming of our Events tab

The team also slipped in a few visual and content enhancements, including renaming Events to History in the Progress view - a term found to be less confusing for our users.

Viewing and exporting care history has been simplified

You can now select the date range of the historic events to show in the History view, making it easier to view specific periods. Please note that this range will also be used when you export/share the PDF report.

Other technical improvements

We also did a lot of work on improving the handling of not-so-great internet conditions, and in general on the way data is submitted to our cloud service, and kept up to date in the app.

A big thanks

Thank you to all our parents and teachers who are providing amazing feedback on what works well, but also what does not work so well. Your feedback helps us to continuously improve Tracto to be even more useful to you and other care teams around the globe.

Feel free to contact us at with any questions, gremlin (👹) sightings and feature suggestions. We'd love to hear from you.

To install this update, follow the links from our install page.


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