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Tip #1 - Parenting in uncertain times | Give your child a voice

COVID, and 2020 & 2021 in general, has admittedly introduced a serious dose of change and uncertainty in our daily lives. We have been forced to continuously learn new ways to cope with our changing realities.

As an advocate for families and mental health, we asked various mental health practitioners to share their tips with parents on how to navigate uncertain times and keep your family's mental health a priority.

Give your child a voice

We spoke with educational psychologist, Jessica Cheesman, to share her thoughts on the topic.

More about Jessica Cheesman

Jessica is an Educational Psychologist and a qualified Foundation Phase teacher. She has a Masters degree in Educational Psychology from the Stellenbosch University, and a research Masters degree from the University of Cape Town, Honours Masters degree from the University of Cape Town and a PGCE (Cum Laude) from UNISA. To secure her overachiever status, she also has two Masters theses focusing on families of children with ADHD in South Africa.

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About Tracto

Families are at the heart of what we do. We work closely with parents, teachers, caregivers, researchers and other healthcare stakeholders to design digital solutions that support mental health outcomes for children and their parents.


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