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Feel empowered to support my child and myself

Parents know their children best (even though we don’t always feel like we do), and therefore we should feel empowered also to support them. It is important to learn from professionals and other members of your child’s care team. However, speaking to other parents and people with practical experience is just as important.

We can learn from others what has worked for their kids, and we might just find a strategy that suits our child perfectly. With the right support network, we can find strategies to support our children in a way that would make a real positive difference. Sometimes we read about things that we should try out and implement at home and, on paper, it sounds wonderful! But then, in real, everyday life, things are different, and those textbook examples don’t work so well.

We need to be able to support our kids in a way that makes sense to them, a functional, practical way that actually works! With the Tracto “one-stop app,” you will have the option of being part of a community where you will be empowered to support your child and yourself.


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