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Help me keep track of medication and activities

Keeping track of your child’s highly complex schedule can be tricky for anyone - no matter how brilliant of a planner you might be. It’s nearly impossible to remember their medication schedule, and activities they need to complete - such as homework, movement breaks, and possibly their specific snack routine can also take their toll. It can feel like you are always forgetting something, and dropping one ball that you are juggling might have a chain reaction. We get it, and we’ve got you!

Tracto is an excellent app for parents and other caregivers. It allows us to plan and schedule reminders when we need to give our children medication or participate in certain activities. This can be a lifesaver when trying to juggle multiple things simultaneously. Not only does Tracto help us keep track of everything, but it also makes it easy to share information with other caregivers. This is helpful if we need to coordinate with other team members, teachers, family members, and even for a grandparent visit.

Best of all - it’s FREE! You can download it today and add your child’s specific medication schedule with timed reminders and create the activities that are specific to your child. Let’s say you want to remind yourself that your child needs to do an outing every day at 2 pm, do some homework at 4 pm, take some medication at 7 pm and start their nighttime routine at 7:30 pm - Tracto will remind you on a timely basis, every day.

Better than that - Tracto will also briefly ask you to track your child’s mood and sleep to ensure that you cover all your bases for exactly understanding how they are feeling and why. You will be able to pinpoint reasons for changes in mood, behavior, and sleep patterns like the true expert you are!

What more could you want? Perhaps other team members to add their observations and tracking of your child? Maybe you want your child’s teacher, speech therapist, or occupational therapist to add their findings - why are your child’s behavior and mood different when at therapy or school compared to at home? Now you will know! As Tracto offers this to you, too - adding your child’s entire team to their profile.

When you visit your pediatrician or therapist next, you can show EXACTLY where your child is. You will be able to show progress in activities, taking their medication, their mood, behavior, and sleep pattern according to you, your partner, or co-parent, their teacher, therapist, and anyone else on your child’s team.

It doesn’t get better than this - empowering parents to be the true experts of their child! One track at a time!


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