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Be fully prepared for consultations with my child's therapy team

Being a parent can be hard work. You often don’t sleep much, wonder how you’ll ever get your child to eat vegetables, and worry about whether you are doing enough for your child. Being a parent of a child with additional needs adds even more stress.

A child diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or related conditions, requires regular appointments with pediatricians, psychologists, teachers, etc. During these consultations, parents are usually asked numerous questions - the questions range from when the child was born to what is happening with regards to your child today. When you start building a relationship with the professional, they won’t keep asking you about your child’s early days. Still, they would want as much information from you as possible - details relating to your child’s behavior, school, coping skills, emotional regulation, eating habits, sleep, the way they interact and communicate…the list goes on.

Spending every day with your child, you become used to how they behave, communicate, eat and sleep. Days pass in a blur, and before you know it, another pediatrician meeting is coming up. Suddenly, you cannot remember what your child’s sleeping patterns were like last month and whether they actually took a bite of the carrot you put on their plate or whether that was a dream.

Tracto makes it possible to keep track of all these different aspects in a quick, straightforward manner. Daily reminders help monitor your child’s progress and wellbeing, and the information will be saved in the app to be ready for you to use whenever you need it. You can share with your child’s therapy team everything they need to know about behavior, sleep, etc., by glancing at the graphs automatically created in the app.

You do not need to make mental notes about everything your child does and says anymore because you can quickly add them in the app.

Tracto will save you time, effort, and worries and is guaranteed to make your life easier.


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