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Clearly see possible reasons for my child's challenging behaviors

Some days your child’s behavior amazes you, and other days you are left completely confused. Everything seemed to go “according to plan,” and you even included a visual schedule and plan to help prepare them for any upcoming activities. What happened?

We know how difficult it is to manage these behavioral challenges and changes and explain to your child’s team members when and why these occur. Would it not be easier if you had a “one-stop app” where you could show accurate data about your child over a period of time? So that you can ask others in your child’s team to help you with the consistency, strategies, and planning for your child.

Tracto offers a “one-stop app” to empower parents of children diagnosed with autism and/or ADHD (and related conditions) to know precisely when a behavioral change happens, the reasons for these changes, and a way for everyone to stay consistent with your child’s program.

You will be prompted daily to quickly track your child’s behavior, mood, medication (if applicable), and other important activities by Tracto. This will provide you with the informative data to exactly pinpoint when a behavioral change has happened. Your child’s entire team can be part of their profile and track their observations too.

Do you sometimes feel that your child’s behavior is different in one environment than in another? Perhaps they are calm and collected in occupational therapy, but it feels like they have too much energy at home.

Tracto will offer you accurate data on these changes in behaviors and thus, allow you to create consistent and successful strategies for everyone on your child’s team. Most importantly, your child will feel regulated in ALL environments.

A calm home, makes a happy home!


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