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📣 Get FREE access to our pre-release online ADHD parent courses

As a parent caring for a child with ADHD, the responsibility to ensure that your child receives appropriate care largely falls on your shoulders. Being the care champion for your child is no small responsibility and a role that few parents are prepared for.

At Tracto we believe that technology can play an important role in supporting parents on their child's care journey.

What is ADHD parent training and how can it support you on your child's care journey?

ADHD Parent training (PT) aims to help parents caring for children with ADHD to develop the skills necessary to manage their child's behaviour and development. PT has been shown to be a highly effective intervention to support the health and wellbeing of children with ADHD.

Unfortunately, PT is often inaccessible to parents due to exorbitant costs, waiting times of up to 6 months and sessions taking place at inconvenient times during the day.

We are making parent training affordable and accessible at the comfort of your couch

We've partnered with renowned mental health specialists to create affordable and conveniently accessible online ADHD parent training courses aimed at empowering you on your child's care journey.

Get FREE access to our pre-release parent courses

30 parents will gain FREE access & be selected to give feedback on our pre-release online parent Power-Up courses. Your feedback will help us shape the future of pediatric mental health care.

Apply by Wednesday, 15 December, 2021!*

More about our three available courses

  1. Tips to Manage ADHD at Home by Johannes Shickerling (clinical psychologist)

  2. The Complex Relationship Between ADHD & Anxiety by Jessica Cheesman (educational psychologist)

  3. The Foundation of Effective Parenting by Dr Jenny Rose (clinical psychologist)

Thanks in advance

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

* UPDATED: We have decided to extend our application deadline to 15 December 2021 ;)


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