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Why we do videos the way we do

Tracto video guides

While I was studying and also when I completed several training courses in the field of neurodiversity, something that I always asked myself is whether the things we learn, do, and speak about, are only helpful in an ideal world or for a textbook family. Or whether it actually works in real life…

All parents struggle at times, but parents of neurodivergent children often have more to deal with than parents of neurotypical kids. There are times when we need specific support right away and through Tracto that is exactly what we want to provide - the support that parents need.

The video guides that we continue to add every week, often have titles that would make it seem like we are providing solutions to problems and answers to questions. It is set up in this manner because we want it to be easily accessible and readily available as soon as you need it.

However, we don’t want you to think that we intend to provide answers and solutions to everything. Instead, we are sharing ideas and strategies with you that will not only help your child but will help you understand the way that you can provide support to your child in many different situations.

We are learning how to think about supporting our child in a way that works for them. Not trying to force one way of teaching onto our kids and hope for the best, but figuring out how they learn and what makes their learning functional.

As we do that, we will be able to help our children cope, learn, grow and eventually advocate for themselves.


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Our video guides are created by experts in the field of neurodiversity and include parent-led strategies that improve communication skills, coping skills, independence, challenging behaviors, and many more.

Tracto video guides

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