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Resolving guilt once and for all!

Understanding and navigating feelings of guilt

Three things I have learned about guilt as a therapist:

  1. It is extremely common. It is almost overused as lately, we feel guilty for the most minuscule things, like going for a walk or taking a longer-than-usual shower.

  2. Guilt takes over - it is highly intrusive - like a weed growing over a flower, in a few seconds sometimes. It is all consuming and it overshadows other emotions, such as happiness, calmness, serenity, and enjoying smaller moments.

  3. For the most part, guilt is unnecessary. We are not doing something so wrong to feel that amount of guilt. If we are eating a slice of pizza for breakfast, we are not actually breaking a law or hurting anyone - not even ourselves. Balance is key - in our diets too!

So what do we do to let go of the guilt that we are feeling on a daily basis? What I do to let go of the guilt I feel is to firstly see it as a suggestion. I can choose to take this suggestion to heart or let it go and find another suggested emotion. Why not choose to enjoy that slice of pizza or the longer shower and savor those moments a little more?

I can’t wait to hear about the moments you treasured a little longer - enjoy your day and remind yourself to see your emotions as suggestions.


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understanding and navigating feelings of guilt

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Building healthy habits is a process. Why don't you start by tracking every time you are able to redirect your thoughts and do something nice for YOU. Make sure to note down the small moments and see how those moments made a difference in your life.


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