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How to get through bath time

Many different aspects could make bath time challenging for a child. Some of our kids might lose track of what needs to be done during bath time, whereas others might just get distracted thinking of what happened at school or a new game they played.

As parents, we often want to help with the process so that our kids stay on track, but it would also be great if our children could become more independent as they grow older.

Using a schedule to show the steps that need to be completed during bath time can be a simple way for your child to stay focused, and also make the process fun! Some kids prefer pictures, whilst others only need words, and perhaps your child likes to see each step being ticked off as they go :)

1. Picture/word schedules - use a visual schedule with pictures of each step of the bath- or shower routine. Include things like washing their face, photos of the soap as a cue to wash their body, and shampoo to remind them to wash their hair. Some kids might not need pictures but will find enough support through having a simple word schedule.

2. "Relax time" - You could even add a "relax time" picture for 1 minute of sitting in the bath or standing in the shower to unwind after a long day. It works well for some kids to have a kitchen timer (not electronic) to indicate when the “relax time” is done and when they need to get to the rest of the things on their schedule.

3. Show completed steps - Use a whiteboard where they can rub off each step as it's done, or laminated photos on the picture schedule work just as well. Keep it close enough to the shower or bath so that they don’t have to walk across the bathroom to get to it, but far enough away from running water.

You may find that when your child has a certain routine with shower- or bathtime, they might not need the visual schedule any longer. It is worth supporting our children to build that routine as it will help them feel more confident about independence.

It may take a bit of time when you start to implement this support strategy, but with persistence and practice your child will soon be ticking off their bath tasks, and all while you have 15 minutes to yourself for a change ;)

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