Improve collaboration between my child’s caregivers, teachers, and care providers

Working together as a team is always better than working against each other. It seems obvious that when a child has a team of professionals, carers, or support therapists, that goals should be aligned, and support from the different team members should be collaborative.

Strangely enough, therapists, teachers, and other professionals are often part of a child’s care team, but they never speak to one another. This leaves the parent in the middle of everyone, trying to keep things together, manage a team, ask relevant questions and still care for their child in between.

With Tracto, you can add all the team members to your child’s profile. You, as the parent, are in charge of what you would like to share with other team members. This means that the speech therapist, the occupational therapist, the school teacher, and your child’s home support therapist (and whoever else you would like to add to the team), would all be able to see (if you want them to) when your child had a calm morning, a good night’s sleep, a very challenging day, emotional outbursts, etc.

Tracto can take away the overwhelmed feeling of a parent when you step into a meeting with your child’s pediatrician and are expected to try and remember all the behavior changes, sleep and mood changes, and your child’s progress over the last six months. With the app, any team member can look at a child’s profile and clearly see where there is progress and where some changes may need to be made.

Don’t be worried that you will not be able to make personal notes in the app, though. There are always things that you want to share with your child’s team and other things that you want to note for yourself. You are in charge of what you want to share. You will still be able to make journal entries, write notes, and have reminders of activities, etc., without the entire team being aware of it. The goal is really to make your life easier, and it will!