Psychologist for Children


Empowering paediatric mental health care providers (paediatricians, psychiatrists & therapists) with the right information at the right time to support integrated care decision-making

Integrated decision-making

Easily get an integrated and continuous view of your patient's care progress (symptoms, side-effects, impairments, adherence) to inform care decision-making. 

No need to install another app

Don't stress, there's no need to install another app or change your workflows. Access your patient's care progress via clinical PDF reports which you can easily upload into your current practice management software. 

Digitised assessments

Tracto currently supports the SNAP-IV ADHD parent and teacher rating scale. We are continuously expanding our supported assessments.

It's Free

Tracto is a free mobile app. Recommend Tracto to parents and teachers in your patient's care team. 

Saving you time

Tracto reduces the time it takes to collect and analyse required clinical information from parents and teachers. Allowing you focus on the most important aspects of what you do - caring for your patients.

Privacy & security

Keep your patient's care history safe and secure. Tracto is HIPAA, GDPR &  POPIA compliant.

Care provider advocates


Prof Pieter Fourie

Paediatrician, Co-CEO, Chief Innovation Officer & Founder at Stix Private Paediatric Practice & Liquid Rock Foundation.

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Encourage parent collaboration in your practice 

Download the Patient Printout with an easy install QR code